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I'm a comic artist from Finland. I'm working with an idea for a comic that is about two men living in London.

I'm searcing a beta who is English and lives in London. I hope the London in my comic to look like London and I want my characters to sound English, in a comic that means proper use of words and a little or bigger hint of accent.
Here's my deviant account so you can get to know what kinda comic I do.

At the time I'm sketching the comic, so there won't be work right away, but after a couple of months. First I'll need help with landscapes and the texts comes afterwards,or if you wanna work with text at the very early stage that's quite fine.

I also write fanfiction that is mostly about mixture of Sean Bean, Viggo Mortensen, Boromir, Faramir, Aragorn and people related. You can help betaing those texts too if you want, but mostly I send my texts to my current beta. She's not English nor lives in London, so eh eh, I need a second beta just for my comic.

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I feel so much better, now that you're gone foreverCollapse )

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I wanna put my comics together, into covers and sell it in this year's Finncon-Animecon.

I'm aiming to it. But meh baby goes first. Always. So we'll see if I'll manage to get enough time for my comics.

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Jonna Geagea -katso mua-
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Would anyone like to have a Dr Who scarf? I'd like to do it, seems fun, long, boring and time-consuming :)

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people like this :D I like this

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It's strange that the only thing you can expect from her is the unexpectable.

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I was eating blueberry-cheesecake.

It was heavenly.

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YouTube video: 0:41
I need that picture!

There's something strangely addictive in Russia x USA pairing. It could be the power struggle from the cold war. Or the fact that Russia is awesome and America sees himself as Russia's equal (as if haha)

I like this one <3
For some of you, it may only remind of this
ahahhaha noods I used to listen to that song long before devil dante made that animation *sight* I like the music, you like the characters


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